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MASTERPIECE Television Credits

Executive Producer
Rebecca Eaton

Senior Series Producer
Susanne Simpson

Senior Producer
Steven Ashley

Erin Delaney

Ellen Dockser
Laura Garvey
Kelly Moloney
Willa Deneault

Business Manager
Alison White

Contracts Manager
Robyn Bissette

Associate Producer
Kathleen DiPerna

Assistant Director/Editor
Abby Kent

Post-Production Assistant
Jessica Napier

Post-Production Supervisor
Lauren McGuiness

Post-Production Editors Paul Stephens
Julie Kahn
Paul Sanni

Series Graphics

Series Open Design
Kyle Cooper

Series Theme
Man Made Music


MASTERPIECE Digital Credits

Executive Editor
Steven Ashley

Senior Producer
Bruce Kohl

Barrett Brountas

Associate Digital Producer
Anna Remus

Digital Producer, Podcast
Rachel Aronoff

Senior Developers
Bob Donahue
Daniel Hart

Mike Hamilton
Catherine Maldonado

Sys Admin
Jay Thompson

Senior Designers
Amelia Leason
Li Wei

Jesse Haley

Digital Content Producer
Anna Fort

Associate Producer
Ayelet Ronen

Senior Project Manager
Hilary Emmons

PBS Digital Program Manager for MASTERPIECE
Cari Ladd

Business Manager, WGBH Digital
Amy Stahl

Director of Product
Jim Bodor

Design Director
Ken Kimball

Director of Technology
Carl Lindberg

Director of Digital Initiatives for National Productions
Meredith Nierman

Vice President, Digital Services
Bob Kempf

The Producers wish to thank the following individuals for their significant contributions over the years to MASTERPIECE’s digital presence.

Toby Bottorf
Daniel Bulli
Howard Cutler
Dave Denis
Karen Doyle
Jonathan Ellenberger
Vanessa Ferranto
Molly Frey
Kal Geiber
Sarah Grafman
Jon Hayward
Tyler Howe
Cassie Irwin
Cyrisse Jaffee
Jessica Sun Lee
Richard Maurer
Matthew Midura
Gay Mohrbacher
Tacita Morway
Dan Nolan
Marisa Nopakun
Caitlin O’Neil
Sonali Patel
Alexis Rapo
Eric Rainey
Cassandra Sell
Louise Weber
Jesse Weisbeck
Alan West
Olivia Wong
Victoria Yuen

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