Poldark Season 3’s New Characters

Ready your steed: it’s almost time for all-new Poldark!

Ross Poldark’s world of forbidden love and seaside duels is about to change in a big way thanks to a collection of new characters coming in Season 3. Whether you were waiting for a ghastly villain, or a dreamy new addition, get to know the fresh faces of Season 3 before it premieres Sunday, October 1st, 2017 at 9/8c!


Drake Carne (Harry Richardson)

Social Status: As one of Demelza’s younger brothers, Drake is definitely absent from Cornwall’s high society.

What We Love: His carefree spirit and playful approach to romance are simply infectious. Puppy love, anyone?

Achilles Heel: Sometimes he takes “carefree” a bit too literally. He’s bound to run into trouble if he doesn’t learn (and accept) the rules of this new social strata.

Aunt Agatha’s Tarot Reading: The Fool – His innocence and optimism could be his undoing. 


Sam Carne (Tom York)

Social Status: Also one of Demelza’s younger brothers, Sam ranks just above Garrick on Cornwall’s social ladder.

What We Love: His passionate pursuit of his religious beliefs and desire to help others always keeps Sam in good graces.

Achilles Heel: His strict brand of piety can be mistaken for coldness.

Aunt Agatha’s Tarot Reading: The Hierophant – His adherence to his mission makes him no friends.


Morwenna Chynoweth (Ellise Chapell)

Social Status: Elizabeth’s younger cousin Morwenna is Cornwall’s most eligible bachelorette!

What We Love: Morwenna’s sweet friendship with her charge (Elizabeth’s son Geoffrey Charles) and her strength in the face of adversity.

Achilles Heel: Not unlike her cousin, Morwenna is a sucker for forbidden romance.  

Aunt Agatha’s Tarot Reading: The Hanged Man – Morwenna’s commitment to duty is easily taken advantage of by those less-noble…  


Lieutenant Hugh Armitage (Josh Whitehouse)

Social Status: Lt. Armitage is “from a good family,” as they say.

What We Love: His artistic talent, courage, and disarming emotional sensitivity. His wind-swept hair is okay too.

Achilles Heel: This soldier-turned-poet is defenseless against the perfect muse. 

Aunt Agatha’s Tarot Reading: Ace of Wands – Armitage’s presence signals new opportunities, creative inspiration–and restlessness.


Reverend Osborne Whitworth (Christian Brassington)

Social Status: Whitworth’s old family name has George Warleggan clamoring to be his best friend.

What We Love: We’ll think of something.

Achilles Heel: It’s too shocking to share here!

Aunt Agatha’s Tarot Reading: The Devil – Nothing good will come of this.


Tholly Tregirls (Sean Gilder)

Social Status: As an old friend of Ross’ father, Tholly clearly knows how to navigate the social circuit–but a good shower (or two) is needed before he appears at Trenwith’s next ball.

What We Love: His adventurous spirit and gravelly roar. Aye!

Achilles Heel: Women, drink, a good skirmish…the list goes on.

Aunt Agatha’s Tarot Reading: The Chariot – He’s got confidence to spare.




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